Learn how to divorce with dignity and clarity so you can preserve your finances and protect your family. For a fraction of the cost of ONE attorney hour, gain understanding and confidence as you are guided step by step through the divorce process. Confidentially learn the often unknown options you have ahead of you, become prepared to watch for common pitfalls and confidently walk your divorce journey at a pace and time that works for you.

Think of me as your trail guide. This is YOUR journey, but it's a path I've walked personally and with my clients. I point out the blind spots. I help you avoid the cliffs. I have the first aid kit when you are wounded. Confidently and Confidentially begin your unique divorce journey with my years of experience in your back pocket. And I don't make you wait between lessons. You get FULL access immediately, so you can take effective action as soon as you're ready!

18 Lessons over 6 Modules
1 Hour Video Content

Delivered as a Google Folder with Immediate, Full Access

  1. The Trail Head
  2. Determine Your Journey
  3. Gather Your Team
  4. Preparing the Kids
  5. Money for the Road
  6. Keep Trekking

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Experience AND Results

Over the past four years as a Certified Divorce Coach I have guided women and men on their Divorce Journeys. On average my clients spend $3k-7k on their divorces compared to the national average of 20k! When following my guidelines, my clients complete the process in less than ONE THIRD of the time of the national average.